Visit Ireland and Scotland in 2024

The Best of Both Worlds Scotland and Ireland have more things in common than probably any other countries in the world. The music, the scenery, the history, the language all share a common ground. An Irish Language speaker can have … Read More

Visit Scotland in 2023

Tour of Scotland 2023. Here at Celtic music tours HQ, we’re always look for new and exciting destinations to bring our friends to, and this year, we have put together an awesome trip to Scotland for 2023. We asked our … Read More

Out of the COVID ashes, rise the musicians!!

For nearly 18 months now in Ireland, our talented hard working, musicians have been out of work due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Although various government supports were put in place to help, they fall far short, the average of … Read More

Free Places For Frontline Healthcare Workers

Free Places for Frontline Workers 2020 was a life changing year for all of us, who would have expected the world to shut down like it did. All because of a virus. It did, and halfway through 2021 we’re still … Read More