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Our Story

From humble beginnings in the pubs and bars all around Ireland, Celtic Music Tours was born out of several late-night conversations with different groups of visitors. 'We've been in Ireland for 6 days and this is the first night we've heard authentic Celtic music' was the familiar conversation. It was a lightbulb moment. If you want to see the sights and enjoy the music and craic then let us, the musicians, take you on tour!! And so it was born. Ireland and Scotland have very close ties both culturally and musically so it is important to include both when we go on our travels. By day we will visit the important historical and cultural sights of these wonderful countries and by night we will enjoy the wonderful traditional music sessions so often excluded from normal tour itineraries.

Our Mission

We strive to be the best authentic cultural tour operator in Ireland and Scotland Ireland and Scotland have hundreds of tour operators and there are hundreds more based outside too, all vying for the same traveller that wants to visit Ireland and Scotland and experience that great Celtic welcome. So how are we any different? Firstly we're musicians, not business people in for the quick buck. Secondly we're a small team which makes our relationship with you more personal. Thirdly, we've local knowledge which means we can deliver an authentic Celtic experience that can't be bought out of a brochure. This sets us apart from everyone else and ensures that you get a trip of a lifetime!!!

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